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How may people have you spoken to who have said those magic words - ‘I’d love to write a book but I can’t write!’ They’ve got the ambition but, in their own eyes at least, they lack the ability to complete a story, no matter how good their ideas may be.

       Some people seem, to those who ‘can’t write’, to have all the luck. Words flow from their pen (or more likely their word processor) onto the page in an uninterrupted stream, ending in a crafted and polished story that leaves all who read it gasping with envy.

Believe me, those people are very, very rare!

What people don’t see - and don’t appreciate - are the hours of  preparation that goes into a good story or book. And while the likes of Jack Kerouac may well have written books in three days, there aren’t many like him around. So we’ll  take a look at the craft of writing - from idea through to finished piece - with the aim of demystifying what is a truly rewarding process. Just say the words - ‘I want to write!’ - and we’ll show you how.

We’re going to cover subjects including -

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